Psi World cover

Despite the sparsity of the rules and the limitations of the setting, the Psi World game was a great jumping-off point for a dystopian future built around psionic powers. The campaign I began developing was based on the game materials with a cyberpunk dystopian near-future setting, but centered around those with psionic abilities who, rather than merely being outcasts like hackers and rebels in such a setting, were instead forced to live on the fringes or to hide out due to their very nature.

The campaign setting I developed was initially only large strokes with the idea being that the world’s population was increasingly concentrated in urban megalopoli joined by high-speed rail links. Much like the Cursed Earth of Judge Dredd, the areas outside the urban agglomerations are sparsely habited, though, unlike that world, not quite as hostile and uninhabitable.

Bonus: A Psi World Reading List

Psi World megacities in North America

Psi World regions and rail connections

Psi World world map