In another set of campaign maps, these were created for a series of adventures I ran in a shared universe where we traded off gamemastering duties and, at least at one point where the group had grown too large to sustain, split into multiple groups. This set of adventures was originally created to be run with the Villains and Vigilantes rules from FGU before we later migrated to Superworld.

Detective Comics #526 commemorating Batman’s 500th appearance

The flavor was intended to be street-level with settings heavily influenced by the Batman story, “All My Enemies Against Me”, in Detective Comics #526. In addition to the idea of different villains working together in groups, there was also the idea of the city being divided into areas controlled by different gangs with different plots in motion that the heroes needed to foil but, since the villains were working together, those plots interlocked and led from one to another. The maps themselves consisted of a large city map with various local maps that, in retrospect have elevations that I suspect were influenced by the Marvel Super Heroes game battle maps and by the map of Midville included in Car Wars, both of those being purpose-built maps with layouts suited to the types of gameplay those games favored. Curiously, at least the area I mapped seems to be zoned almost entirely for one- and two-story structures.

Another set of maps was created for a one-off adventure that focused on the the abduction and rescue of Doctor Pulsar from a group of villains. After fighting the villains and failing to foil the kidnapping (yes, the adventure railroaded players like that), the subsequent detective work by the heroes led them to the hideout of the villains and the interruption of their plan.

City map for Villains & Vigilantes

City map area detail for Villains & Vigilantes

City Hall interior map

Doctor Pulsar’s lab

Twilight Citadel level 1

Twilight Citadel level 2

Twilight Citadel level 3

Underground river base connected to the Twilight Citadel

Twilight Citadel level 1W and 2W