As mentioned in my previous post about a long-running Gamma World campaign, the maps increasingly became more detailed and linear to meet the needs of the game. This set of maps was pretty much the second phase of the campaign after the players had confronted the threat posed by the Unclean and turned their attention to the lands inhabited by the Death Groups, a combination of the nomadic aspects of the Red Death cryptic alliance (thus the name, but with the extermism subsumed by the group known as the Seekers of the Red Sword) and the willingness to live in radioactive areas like the Radioactivists (and thus having access to higher technology, like the Unclean, but with less infrastructure to take advantage of it, due to their nomadic society).

Despite their nomadic nature, Arag’s Tower has grown up in lands of the Death Groups as a semi-permanent camp that serves as a trading post and as a rallying point in the event of a larger external threat. In the campaign, the characters initially traveled there to make content with friendly members of the Death Groups they had met previously. Their travels took them east across the territories tracking rumors of Ancient technology that took them from installation to installation as they discovered an unknown group had allied itself with other known factions whose attitude towards the characters and their allies ranged from neutral to hostile. Ultimately, the campaign would have taken them to the foot of Rocky Mountains and to a confrontation with the group massing on the other side of that much-changed mountain range. Since it never did, that area remains unmapped and undescribed apart from some fragmentary pieces of a vertical city and yet another Ancient installation known as High Command.

The area known as Death Groups Territory around the city of Eyrie and the border with the Eleveners

The road east from Eyrie around the Cave of the Ebon Winds in Death Groups territory

Arag’s Tower, a city in Eleveners territory

City of Eyrie in Death Groups Territory

The Ancient installation in Death Groups territory, formerly known as Toiyabe Tracking Station

Ancient installation now called The Place of Stars

Ancient observatory in The Place of Stars

Ancient weather control station or cloud tower in The Place of Stars

Ancient ruins that include a military base known as the Cave of Darkness, the Hole of Black Rushing, or the Cavern of the Ebon Wind