After some time running this site under Joomla! with the blog being handled by WordPress, I’ve finally switched over to only use WordPress. Although I like the features of a full-fledged content management system and Joomla! has some great features, it was both a little more heavy-weight than I needed and the maintenance tasks to keep it up-to-date were taking away from other work that I wanted to do. In particular, even though I’m using the excellent Now Reading Reloaded plugin to manage my library (after switching from the original Now Reading plugin), it’s no longer being updated and there are some features that I’d really like it to have. Unfortunately, the way the plugin is architected, I’ve come to conclusion that I’d be better off writing a new plugin, particularly if I wanted a less hacked-together way to store authors as separate entities in their own database table. My library has also grown to a size that I’d like to better be able to paginate results and other things like that.

Meanwhile, I’ve temporarily removed some pages, so if you’ve come looking for them, my apologies. I’ll be adding things back along with more things besides in the coming weeks. If you notice something missing and care to offer constructive feedback, I’d be happy to hear from you!