Through the web and database version of mitosis, the development posts and professional content that used to reside here are now in a new location at a brand-new website. The new site, DavidBennettDev now exists as the professional counterpart to this site as I focus more on things like music and games here.

So if you’re looking for my posts on web development, Agile methodologies, coding, and data manipulation, then I encourage you to visit the new site. It’s shiny new from the top down, using Twitter Bootstrap and a bunch of new things that I didn’t care to add here. On the other hand, if you’re looking for my excursions into music, writing, games (of any stripe, be it computer, pen-and-paper, or board), genealogy, maps, and all those things that I find interesting, then you’ve come to the right place.

Coming soon is yet another site, this one focused on my family, my family tree, and things of interest to history and genealogy buffs. Stay tuned for the launch of that site.