This is the personal site of David Bennett. You'll find various projects and various work, primarily related to games, shared here for those interested in such things.

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  • Posted 16 January 2014

    Through the web and database version of mitosis, the development posts and professional content that used to reside here are now in a new location at a brand-new website. The new site, DavidBennettDev now exists as the professional counterpart to this site as I focus more on things ... [Read more]


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The Present Future

  • Posted 2 June 2015

    Despite the bleak and dystopian futures portrayed in Cyberpunk, there’s always hope for a better future. Nothing sums it up so well as this recent call to arms in an essay titled Cyberpunk Dreamers: This World Needs You “That, to me, was the essence of the loss of our Cyberpunk Dreams. We have known for […][Read more]