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Mind-Body Conditioning for Competitive Figure Skaters

by Linda Ross, PhD


Mind-Body Conditioning for Competitive Figure Skaters

From the publisher:
Mind-Body Conditioning for Competitive Figure Skaters is about mind-body conditioning as it applies to the artistic sport of figure skating. But as you read, you ll soon discover that mind-body conditioning skills can be applied successfully to any area of your life. Each chapter of this book begins with a description of the chapter topic, and ends with application exercises you can learn and apply to your skating and other areas of your life. Instead of trying to learn everything at once, choose the activities that make the most sense to you, and practice them until they are second nature, just like you would a skating skill. Chapters include: Introduction to Mind-Body Conditioning, The Inner Circle, Pre-Season Assessment, Seasonal Goal Setting, Productive Practice, Positive Thinking and the Competitive Mindset, Social Physique Anxiety and Other Body-Image Issues, Relaxation and Arousal Deactivation Techniques, Energy and Arousal Activation Techniques, Techniques to Enhance Attention, Focus, and Concentration, Techniques to Improve Confidence, and Effective Competition Preparation.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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