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Eddie: Grime Doesn’t Pay (The Brothers Grime, book 2)

By Z. A. Maxfield

Eddie: Grime Doesn’t Pay (The Brothers Grime, book 2)


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2020-09-14 09:38:51
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2020-09-15 09:38:51


Rating: 8

From the publisher:
Loving yourself can be a tough job…

Eddie and Andrew have dynamite chemistry, except Eddie is profoundly dyslexic, and Andrew lives to read. Andrew is pathologically disorganized, and Eddie likes things neat and clutter-free.

Andrew is desperately ashamed of his hoarder father–a secret that could pull them apart even as a friend’s tragedy brings them together.

When Andrew’s father’s condition deteriorates and he nearly dies because of his compulsion, Eddie and Andrew must learn compassion begins with loving oneself in Eddie: Grime Doesn’t Pay.

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