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Hide Me Among the Graves

By Tim Powers

Hide Me Among the Graves

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Started reading:
2012-06-08 20:26:30
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2012-06-13 17:30:35


Rating: 7

This book could be considered a sequel to The Stress of Her Regard, though it’s stylistically more dramatic and really consists of three novellas taking place at seven year intervals and featuring the same characters. There’s a further novella that covers some events mentioned and which takes place between the previous book and this, A Time to Cast Away Stones, which appeared in The Bible Repairman and Other Stories. The main characters are the Rossetti family (all four of them) and the fictional couple of John Crawford and Adelaide McKee along with their daughter Johanna and the roguish Edward Trelawny. Together, they must defeat two of the Nephilim and prevent the destruction of London.

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