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Avilion (Mythago Wood Series, book 7)

By Robert Holdstock

Avilion (Mythago Wood Series, book 7)

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Started reading:
2010-07-23 16:41:54
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2010-07-28 16:42:57


Rating: 8

The seventh book in the Mythago Wood series that’s actually a direct sequel to the first book. Fittingly, it explains many things while its sweeping narrative leaves open the limitless worlds and paths that form the heart of Ryhope Wood. I found the nature of Stephen’s children, Jack and Yssobel, to be particularly well-done and intriguing. Robert Holdstock’s passing means that this is his final book, but it’s the sort of book that I think many author’s dream of as being their final work. The musings on mortality and time, the essence of stories, and the creation of worlds that is the author’s craft and also something intrinsic to human nature are all in this book and woven into a beautiful tapestry of fiction that resonates with the deepest myths of humanity.

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