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Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome

By Robert Harris

Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome

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2009-07-05 22:07:45
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2009-08-13 22:55:05


Rating: 8

A mystery and historical fiction as told by Tiro, the confidential secretary to Senator Marcus Tullius Cicero. The famous orator travels to Sicily and ends up investigating a murder. The events are vividly portrayed and the intrigues of Rome are as well-portrayed Robert Graves’ I, Claudius. The perspective of Tiro (himself as historical figure and credited with the invention of shorthand) and his voice add an interesting dimension to the narrative. The story builds as it goes, leading up to Cicero’s triumphant election as Consul. The portrayal of other historical figures is very compelling, particularly Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great, Crassus, and Catiline.

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