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The Windup Girl

By Paolo Bacigalupi

The Windup Girl

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Tags: bioethics, genetic engineering, hard science fiction, science fiction, thailand

Started reading:
2010-02-22 21:37:16
Finished reading:
2010-03-01 18:36:29


Rating: 8

After reading Pump Six and Other Stories, I was eagerly looking forward to this novel. Set in the same world as the short stories Yellow Card Man and The Calorie Man, this novel has all the punch and dizzying amount detail that characterize those short stories, while exploring a broader and more intricate narrative that reminds me of the layers of John Brunner’s work. It reminded me of Ian McDonald’s River of Gods for which there’s also a collection of short stories, Cyberabad Nights, in the same setting, though the collection was published after the novel rather than before. For me, McDonald’s novel lacked the richness of Bacigalupi’s setting and felt more like India of the immediate future, whereas the world here is beautifully nuanced.

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