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Pump Six and Other Stories

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Pump Six and Other Stories

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Tags: cosmic horror, dangerous futures, post-apocalyptic, science fiction

Started reading:
2009-09-23 09:49:13
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2009-09-24 21:49:42


Rating: 7

Most of the stories in this collection are dystopian views of the future and deal with the effects of technology and environmental degradation on the average person. Unlike the works of Rucker or Sterling, most of the effects of technology are negative and have no upside at all (even when compared to works like Sterling’s The Caryatids), being much more in line with John Brunner’s eco-disasters like The Sheep Look Up. Almost all the stories are consistently strong and compelling, though the titular story is perhaps the most compelling and the bleakest of the lot.

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