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Magic and the Modern Girl (Washington Witches, book 3)

By Mindy Klasky

Magic and the Modern Girl (Washington Witches, book 3)


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2021-01-04 18:34:52
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2021-01-10 14:45:49


Rating: 6

From the publisher:
Librarian-witch Jane Madison is learning a magical lesson the hard way: use it or lose it! Juggling major deadlines at work and a jam-packed social schedule, Jane has taken a break from her arcane life. Now, her magic is taking a break from her–books are fading, runes are crumbling, and her entire witchy collection may soon be lost.

Ordinarily, Jane would just buckle down and work a spell or two. But things are strained after an unexpectedly amorous encounter with her arcane protector, David Montrose. And her love life gets even more complicated when she meets a great guy–the type of man a smart woman marries. Moreover, she’s obligated to serve as maid of honor for her beloved grandmother, and her library career won’t take no for an answer. Desperate, Jane stakes everything on one last-ditch spell.

Will Jane get her magic back? Or will she be finished as a witch forever?

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