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Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, book 4)

By Michael Buckley

Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, book 4)

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2013-02-04 21:31:02
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2013-02-06 22:56:38


Rating: 7

Red Riding Hood and her pet Jabberwocky have been defeated, but Puck was gravely injured during the battle. The Grimms use the Vorpal Blade to cut a whole in the barrier around Ferryport Landing in order to take him to Faerie which is now located in the middle of New York City. There, the sisters find out much more about the double life of their mother who apparently spent much of her time helping out Everafters, but first they need to track down the murderer of King Oberon and stay alive while doing so. In the process, they contend with creatures from Gulliver’s Travels, meet the other six dwarves, and get some questionable help from Sinbad who is never one to shy away from a battle with pirates!

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