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Encyclopedia of Gangs

By Louis Kontos, David C. Brotherton

Encyclopedia of Gangs

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2012-09-09 10:35:42
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2012-09-21 20:48:17


Rating: 4

Despite it’s appearance, this is not just an encyclopedic rundown of gangs, but rather a more scholarly look at gangs categorically around the world. Apart from specific entries on the Crips, Bloods and Latin Kings, there’s also some detailed analysis of Chinese gangs and their roots in the Tongs and Triads, gangs of Brazil’s favelas, and much more with a strong emphasis on the social origins of gangs and their history. While the articles are well-written and cited, the book as a whole suffers from some serious proofreading issues including many sections that appear to have suffered from OCR issues (the section on Chinese gangs, for example, refers to the Hop Sinq and Hip Sinq at the top of one page and, correctly to the Hop Sign and Hip Sing farther down).

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