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City of Fire (City Trilogy, book 1)

By Laurence Yep

City of Fire (City Trilogy, book 1)

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2011-09-15 07:07:20
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2011-09-17 21:07:20


Rating: 6

In an alternate history world full of magic and fantastic creatures, Scirye is the younger daughter of a minor noble family assigned to the consulate in San Francisco. She wants to be a warrior like her older sister, but when an exhibition at a museum is attacked and a seemingly minor artifact is stolen, she sets out in pursuit. She’s accompanied by a young street kid who is the reincarnation of an ancient hero, his companion who’s a shapeshifter, and a dragon, all seeking revenge for deaths that occurred at the hands of the thieves. Their journey takes them to Hawaii where they encounter the goddess Pele and set out to thwart the designs of the evil Mr. Roland, the instigator of the museum theft.

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