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Halo: The Thursday War (Kilo-Five trilogy, book 2)

By Karen Traviss

Halo: The Thursday War (Kilo-Five trilogy, book 2)

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2012-11-19 06:35:57
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2012-11-30 13:05:22


Rating: 6

Kilo-Five, ONI’s black-ops team responsible for dirty tricks has its hands full when they must simultaneously deal with a missing civilian member of their team while trying to destabilize the Sangheili and deal with insurrectionists whose leader may be the father of Spartan-010. Dropping right into the middle of the action, the author assumes a high degree of familiarity with the Halo universe and the events following the war with the Covenant. A fast-moving read bouncing around the galaxy with most of the action centered around Sangheilios and Onyx. For American audiences, the only jarring point may be that the main characters all use British English, making the ODST’s sound like SAS paratroopers, but it certainly works in the Forward Unto Dawn web series with the accents, so it’s more the word choices that stand out. The big kind of loses some steam after the big confrontation on Sangheilios, but sets up events for a third book nicely as the characters learn more about the Forerunners and the Didact.

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