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By K. V. Johansen


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2012-11-09 07:30:08
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2012-11-17 13:43:16


Rating: 6

Long ago was an age of wizards, gods, and devils, though those legends are mostly forgotten. But the seven devils that were defeated by the old gods and trapped on earth are still alive. One of them, in the form of the wizard Tamghat, comes with an army to Lissavakail where the temple to the goddess Attalissa is located. In a land littered with small gods who are genius loci, Attalissa is a goddess who has chosen to incarnate herself in a human and whose successive incarnations live in an island temple where she is protected by the Blackdog, a spirit bound to a human. She is forced to flee in order to escape destruction, setting in motion the story and the spirit of the Blackdog is passed to a caravan guard who unfortunately happens to passing by and tries to aid the incarnation of the goddess.

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