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The Kensei (Lawson Vampire series, book 5)

By Jon F. Merz

The Kensei (Lawson Vampire series, book 5)

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Started reading:
2011-04-18 07:06:19
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2011-04-20 12:06:19


Rating: 6

This book falls into the same category of thrillers as Trevanian’s Shibumi and Barry Eisler’s John Rain series with fast-paced action, plot twists and a careful eye to the details of Japanese culture and the setting. Though the main character is a vampire and the plot involves lethal vampire-human hybrids and organ trafficking, these elements are almost secondary to the careful details paid to the setting and the action. My chief complaints would be the amount of time spent referring to previous history (from the first four books, one presumes) and over-explanation of Japanese terminology. But the story moves along at a good pace and makes for a worthwhile read.

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