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The Prince in Waiting (Sword of the Spirits, book 1)

By John Christopher

The Prince in Waiting (Sword of the Spirits, book 1)


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2021-11-29 10:19:50
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2021-12-01 22:19:50


Rating: 7

From the publisher:
In Winchester, roles are clearly defined. Warriors fight battles every spring. Dwarfs make the swords and the shields. Grotesque mutants are the servant class. Seers interpret the wishes and predictions of the spirits. And the Prince is the ruler of the city.

Thirteen-year-old Luke has no reason to suspect that any of this will change. It’s been this way for centuries…at least since the year 2000.

But things are not what they seem, and soon Luke is thrown into a story of ambition and adventure in the primitive world of the future, expertly crafted by critically acclaimed Tripods author John Christopher.

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