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Changes (Dresden Files, book 12)

By Jim Butcher

Changes (Dresden Files, book 12)

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Tags: dresden files, jim butcher, paranormal suspense, urban dark fantasy, urban fantasy

Started reading:
2010-06-08 10:34:18
Finished reading:
2010-06-08 18:04:01


Rating: 8

I’d be happy if the series ended with this book. But then, I felt that way about both Summer Knight and Small Favor, which is to say that I’d be happy to see plenty more books about Harry Dresden and his associates. Pretty much everyone makes an appearance in this book except for Molly’s father, Michael and the Denarians. Even Butters is pressed into service briefly as a medic. It’s nice to see there’s so much life left in the series and to see the characters continue to develop. The unique twist that kicks off this series is both unexpected and well-handled. As for the ending, all I can say is that there better be another book.

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