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Binding the Shadows (Arcadia Bell, book 3)

By Jenn Bennett

Binding the Shadows (Arcadia Bell, book 3)


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2019-10-04 10:08:33
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2019-10-06 20:08:33


Rating: 6

From the publisher:
Demons sure know how to kill a girl’s buzz.

Renegade mage and bartender Arcadia Bell has had a rough year, but now the door to her already unstable world is becoming completely unhinged. When a citywide crime wave erupts, Cady’s demon-friendly tiki bar is robbed by Earthbounds wielding surreal demonic abilities that just flat-out shouldn’t exist. With the help of her devilishly delicious boyfriend, Lon Butler, Cady sets out to find the people who wronged her–but her targets aren’t the only ones experiencing unnatural metamorphoses. Can Cady track down the monsters responsible before the monster inside her destroys everything–and everyone–she loves? If she survives this adventure, one thing is certain: it’s last call for life as she knows it.

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