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Stormdancer (The Lotus War, book 1)

By Jay Kristoff

Stormdancer (The Lotus War, book 1)

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2012-12-03 09:15:50
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2012-12-10 22:30:14


Rating: 8

In the land of Shima, the blood lotus fuels the empire and the Guild controls the Chi derived from the lotus and makes the devices that the Chi powers. When the Emperor commands his Imperial Huntsman Masaru to bring back one of the legendary arishitora or storm tigers, Masaru’s daughter Yukiko is the one who bonds with the tiger and embarks on a journey to overthrow the Emperor and the Guild. An otherworldly mix of Japanese culture and myth with legendary creatures and steampunk technology in a world despoiled by the blight of the blood lotus, the compelling story of a girl and her tiger companion becomes a new legend in the annals of Shima. Fans of steampunk and the likes of Tim Lukeman’s Koren and Rajan will likely find this a compelling read.

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