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By Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson


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2011-05-16 15:53:03
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2011-05-17 17:30:02


Rating: 6

From the founders of 37signals, this is a book about rethinking business, how to run a business and what’s possible.It’s a collection of pithy ideas divided into sections that are thematically related. As with any book that uses anecdotes, the story of the Flip camera makes a great anecdote, but doesn’t keep pace with current events and trends considering Cisco acquired it and then shut down their camera division in May. Other sections about how companies create culture and how having a “rock star” work environment is more important than rock star programmers are much better and resonate strongly, meaning this book holds together a little better than most business books that rarely stand the test of time and become dated within a year or two of publication.

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