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Five Odd Honors (Breaking the Wall series, book 3)

By Jane Lindskold

Five Odd Honors (Breaking the Wall series, book 3)

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Started reading:
2011-05-12 19:44:16
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2011-05-16 21:06:28


Rating: 7

In order to travel to the Land of Smoke and Sacrifice, Brenda and her friends must enlist the help of the ghosts of the remaining Orphans, open the Nine Gates and travel there. But that’s only half the battle. While they’re doing all that, they need to figure out who or what is opposing their efforts. Also in the mix are the Sidhe, who have taken an interest and play an active role since the powers of the Orphans are only part of Brenda’s mystical heritage. The Orphans finally come face-to-face with their opponents and defeat them, restoring order to the Lands.

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