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The Dervish House

By Ian McDonald

The Dervish House

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Started reading:
2011-03-20 07:45:45
Finished reading:
2011-03-26 13:25:31


Rating: 8

Though this book shares both setting elements and genre with Walter Jon Williams’ Deep State, it’s rather a different book. Like McDonald’s other recent works, it’s set in the near future and has many storylines that overlap rather convincingly. Set in 2027, the story feels very much like it’s in the near future with only a few events and technologies to set it apart from the modern Turkey of today. In other words, rather than overwhelm the reading by trying to describe the new technology, it simply exists as a layer on top of the many layers of history that is Istanbul. With an eye for both character and setting, the story reveals hints of a larger tapestry as it focuses on the minutiae of the lives of various individuals living in the same apartment building.

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