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Unlikely Match (Perfect Match, book 2)

By Fiona Riley

Unlikely Match (Perfect Match, book 2)


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2021-03-23 09:37:55
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2021-03-24 09:37:55


Rating: 6

From the publisher:
Shelly White is a coding genius who has mastered the IT world but hasn’t quite mastered dating. While she searches for Ms. Right with the help of Samantha Monteiro’s matchmaking agency, Shelly embraces her inner nerd, and when one of her newest ideas turns into a creative goldmine, she hires PR exec Claire Moseley to help her professional dreams become reality. But is Claire the girl of her dreams in more ways than one?

Being raised by four brothers has made Claire tenacious. Her assignment to Shelly’s high-profile project focuses her desire to prove her worth, even though she secretly fears she’s out of her depth. And she absolutely, positively isn’t going to let her growing attraction to Shelly White derail her career.

When passions and ambitions overlap, Shelly and Claire must decide whether mixing business and pleasure can result in a perfect match.

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