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Mugai Ryu: The Classical Japanese Art of Drawing the Sword

By Darrell Max Craig

Mugai Ryu: The Classical Japanese Art of Drawing the Sword

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Tags: budo, bujitsu, iaido, iaijitsu, Japanese history, koryu, martial arts, samurai

Started reading:
2009-12-23 07:24:54
Finished reading:
2010-01-20 22:34:42


Rating: 7

Starting with the historical basis of the samurai and sword practices including the evolution of iaijutsu into iaido, this book may annoy some by simultaneously being too technical for some, while not quite scholarly enough in some of the history for others. A background in the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Japanese class system is certainly helpful in making the history more approachable. I also took some issue with the spellings of Japanese words since they seemed to be phonetic. In the edition I read, more than a few of the images were incorrect, typically repeated from the previous sequence rather than being the correct new images. There’s some great material and some good stories that make this book worth reading, though, and has some good insight into koryustyles versus more modern practices.

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