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The Adjacent

By Christopher Priest

The Adjacent

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Started reading:
2014-04-22 20:35:35
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2014-05-09 09:42:58


Rating: 7

After his wife is killed by a mysterious weapon that leaves only a blackened triangle on the ground, photographer Tibor Tarent returns from Turkey to Great Britain (or, rather, the Islamic Republic of Great Britain that feels like it’s some time in the near future) for a debriefing. There, he discovers that the IRGB is under attack by the same weapon that killed his wife and a large part of London has been destroyed. The story then skips to World War I where a stage illusionist crosses paths with H. G. Wells with the goal of rendering airplanes invisible to the Germans. Other stories including that of a mechanic in World War II and a magician in an alternate reality known as the Dream Archipelago, intersect with the life of Polish pilot Rosa and her curious connection to Melanie, Tibor’s wife.

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