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The Apocalypse Codex (Laundry Files, book 4)

By Charles Stross

The Apocalypse Codex (Laundry Files, book 4)

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2012-08-06 20:28:06
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2012-08-08 22:18:06


Rating: 8

In which we learn that The Laundry is a bureaucracy and there are many other actors for Her Majesty’s Government. After a charismatic minister from the Golden Promise Ministry comes to London and has a meeting with important persons, IT Support Specialist Bob Howard is tapped for promotion to management and dispatched to Denver to oversee a pair of consultants who are “external assets” with a unique set of skills that may be the only way to prevent global catastrophe. In other words, what happens when evangelical God Botherers think they’re bringing back Jesus, but are instead working on behalf of the Black Pharaoh AKA The Sleeper in the Pyramid? As a note, this book stands on it’s own well, but references enough of the earlier books in the series that having read them first gives this latest outing some additional punch.

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