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Rule 34

By Charles Stross

Rule 34

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2011-07-09 07:23:48
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2011-07-11 07:37:08


Rating: 7

As a sequel to Halting State, the story opens with Detective Inspector Liz Kavanaugh being called to a crime scene. Normally, the unit she heads deals with Internet Crime of a sordid nature (the Rule 34 of the title – the Urban Dictionary says, “Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.”), but part of the latest policing initiatives call for police officers to spend a certain amount of time on the front lines, as it were. The homicide turns out to be much more odd that it first appears, though more disturbingly up DI Kavanaugh’s alley than it first appears. Other players include an ex-con named Anwar Hussein, who scores an opportunity to be the representative of the breakaway republic of Issyk-Kulistan, and the Toymaker, a psychopath representative of an outfit called the Operation and who may be working with elements in Issyk-Kulistan and who knows the murder victim. Additional murders that appear to be domestic accidents begin to turn up around the world and DI Kavanaugh begins to realize that they have various shady internet dealings, but there’s some more sinister connection that she must track down.

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