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Mountain Echoes (Walker Papers, book 8)

By C.E. Murphy

Mountain Echoes (Walker Papers, book 8)

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2013-08-27 07:08:38
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2013-08-28 11:08:38


Rating: 6

Immediately after returning from Ireland, Joanne Walker has come home to the Qualla Boundary in North Caroline, the land where the Cherokee live and where she was born. Since she left when she was young, this is the first time she’s been back, brought there by news her father has gone missing. What she finds is more darkness and trouble wrought by the Master and his minions, this time in the form of the Kalona Ayeliski, the Raven Mocker of Cherokee legend, and other dark things bent on destroying the Cherokee people and, through their genocide, the rest of the world. While dealing with this newest threat, Joanne must also come to terms with her history in the Qualla Boundary and the son she left behind when she was a teenager.

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