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The Spirit Banner (Rogue Angel series, book 22)

By Alex Archer

The Spirit Banner (Rogue Angel series, book 22)

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Tags: action adventure, alex archer, annja creed, paranormal romance, urban fantasy

Started reading:
2010-04-28 13:58:43
Finished reading:
2010-04-29 06:59:02


Rating: 5

Ranging from Mexico to the hinterlands of Mongolia, this latest adventure takes Annja on a quest to find the final resting place of Genghis Khan. The historical detail is interesting, though some elements are a bit repetitious in places. The action moves along at a good pace, though it’d be nice to read a book that departs from the formulaic “no one gets out alive” plot that this book shares with the previous volume. Additionally, I had trouble suspending disbelief that the sponsor of the expedition seemed to be lacking many of the resources that the competition had (satellite phones, satellite access, helicopters, etc.) despite his supposedly immense wealth. Still, some nice plot twists and believable historical background made for a good read.

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