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Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes

By Alan Cole, Raena Jackson Armitage, Brandon R. Jones, Jeffrey Way

Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes

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2012-12-08 14:25:02
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2012-12-08 14:25:02


Rating: 7

Though it covers most of the basics of creating themes, the best part of this book are the larger design concerns in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing theme. The authors discuss ideas like the golden mean and various column widths and layouts that take advantage of proven design principles. Though there’s plenty of nuts and bolts of building a theme, the deeper stuff that can readily be found in the Wordpress Codex or elsewhere (and which rapidly becomes dated) is left out and keeps the book uncluttered and relevant over time (and a useful resource for any designer, even if your CMS of choice is something other than Wordpress).

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