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The Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds

by Penelope Lively


The Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds

From the publisher:
The revival of the ancient Horn Dance for the church fete roused ancient feelings among the old villagers in Hagworthy. They feared it would bring back the Wild Hunt of supernatural hounds led by an evil, antlered rider. Anyone who saw the Hunt became part of it—as the prey.

Lucy Clough, visiting for the summer, felt there was an eerie presence hanging over the dance. It was as if the village boys, dressed in the old antlered masks and costumes, became something strange and evil—something that threatened Lucy’s friend Kester.

What happened when Lucy failed to stop the Horn Dance climaxes an absorbing story, rich with the author’s feeling for the landscapes and customs of the English countryside.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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