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A String in the Harp

by Nancy Bond


A String in the Harp

This Newberry Honor-winning book paints a vivid picture of Wales and tells the story of Peter, newly arrived in Aberstwyth with his siblings, who finds the harp tuning key that belonged to the legendary bard Taliesin. His visions of the past and the ultimate resolution are very well-told and have a richness that will appeals to fans of Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series. The legendary elements were my first introduction to Taliesin, though I’d previously approached Welsh mythology through the works of Evangeline Walton. This work has a deeper texture than the works of Alan Garner or Lloyd Alexander, though drawing from the same well and, in that regard, is almost a Welsh counterpart to the Scottish mythology that make the works of Mollie Hunter so enjoyable.

Rating: ★★★★½

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