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Avengers: The Ultimate Guide

By Tom DeFalco

Avengers: The Ultimate Guide

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Tags: avengers, comics, hardcover, marvel, marvel comics

Started reading:
2009-10-16 07:21:36
Finished reading:
2009-10-16 19:22:00


Rating: 6

Like other books from DK Publishing, particularly their Eyewitness Books line, this book is very nicely laid out and beautiful to look at. It’s arranged somewhat chronologically, from the earliest appearances of the Avengers through the latest Ultimate incarnation. For size reasons (one hero or, occasionally, one villain per page, sometimes two), the descriptions and histories are somewhat truncated or oddly incomplete. However, you can already fill in most of the blanks yourself if you’re an Avengers fan and the book is a nice happy medium between an extremely basic graphic guide and an in-depth (and text-heavy) dictionary.

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