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Secret Seattle

By Susanna Ryan

Secret Seattle


Started reading:
2021-10-17 13:36:33
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2021-10-21 13:36:33


Rating: 8

From the publisher:
Cartoonist and creator of Seattle Walk Report, Susanna Ryan strolls on with a quirky new illustrated guide celebrating Seattle’s historical treasures and outdoor wonders. In Secret Seattle, Ryan explores the weird and wonderful hidden history behind some of the city’s most overlooked places, architecture, and infrastructure, from coal chutes in Capitol Hill, to the last remainder of Seattle’s original Chinatown in Pioneer Square, to the best places in town to find century-old sidewalks. Discover pocket parks, beautiful boulevards, and great public gardens while learning offbeat facts that will make you see the Emerald City in a whole new way. Perfect for both the local history buff who never leaves a favorite armchair to a walking enthusiast looking for offbeat and off-the-beaten-path scavenger hunts.

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