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The Girl Who Played with Fire (Milennium Trilogy, book 2)

By Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Milennium Trilogy, book 2)

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2010-08-01 17:59:19
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2010-08-01 17:59:19


Rating: 5

The narrative in this book revolves more around Salander, even though she’s absent from a chunk as others try to figure out what’s going on and whether she’s even guilty of the crimes she’s accused of. The ostensible “good guys” turn out to be just as bad as the real bad guys in being sexist and charmless. That means they become little more than two-dimensional cut-outs with serious axes to grind who get their comeuppance in due course (and in a fairly predictable fashion). Fortunately, this is a work of fiction or the police in Sweden would be making the news much more frequently on charges of corruption and brutality. More than anything, I was reminded of the plot twists and settings in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal, a marginally better book.

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