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7th Sigma

By Steven Gould

7th Sigma

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2011-08-23 07:58:16
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2011-08-26 12:12:35


Rating: 6

The American southwest has been overrun by “bugs”, self-replicating solar-powered machines that eat metal. People still choose to live there, all for different reasons, existing alongside the ever-present hazard of the bugs. One such is Kimble, a teenager whose only living parent was airlifted to Denver after a medical emergency and his son chose not to follow. He meets Ruth, an aikidoka who lost her dojo and house in a divorce and who has come south to make a new life. Perhaps the sort of thing Rudy Rucker would have written if he had set out to pen a modern version of Little House on the Prairie, being stylistically more a collection of vignettes about life in the weird frontier than a standard YA novel.

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