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The Krewe (Herbert and Melancon, book 1)

By Seth Pevey

The Krewe (Herbert and Melancon, book 1)


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2020-02-09 13:33:14
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2020-02-16 07:02:42


Rating: 6

From the publisher:
Mardi Gras has secrets…

Like why would Felix’s brother, a well-off and successful doctor, let the midnight train roll over him? Especially just as his new Carnival Krewe prepares for their inaugural parade?

Good question…

Felix has had an easy life coasting by as the black sheep of a wealthy family. He spends his time under the green canopies of Uptown New Orleans, whiling away his days in leisure and mediocrity.

Life in the Big Easy is just that.

But not for long…As Felix must begin the search for the truth behind his big brother’s demise at the worst possible time…

The chaos of Mardi Gras season.

With the help of a garrulous old police detective, Felix follows one clue to another, getting deeper into a world where he doesn’t belong. And someone is watching.

What shadowy forces want to sweep this case under the rug?

How far is Felix willing to go to find answers?

Can he avenge the death of his brother and live up to the family name?

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