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Devil’s Kiss

By Sarwat Chadda

Devil’s Kiss

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Tags: action thriller, gothic, paranormal romance, romance, young adult

Started reading:
2009-10-05 10:20:07
Finished reading:
2009-10-05 22:21:28


Rating: 6

If you’re going to pull out all the stops and write a book about the descendants of the Templars fighting the forces of darkness, it’s generally important that every note be pretty close to perfect. In this case, for the most part it is. The main character, Bilqis (or Billi, as she’s known), is a young woman full of doubts about the sacrifices she’s called upon to make. Like other fictional characters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or any of the Slayers, for that matter) and Maya in John Twelve Hawks The Traveler, Billi has been raised and taught skills that set her apart and she’s aware of the threats outside of our normal world at too young an age. While the book plays a bit fast and loose with theology, conflating the Book of Enoch with Roman Catholicism to make the Archangel Michael one of the Grigori and thereby separating the Grigori from the other fallen angels in a rather haphazard fashion, the book’s ending more than makes up for it and is logically consistent in plot. Even though it’s a bit darker than the typical YA book, it was a quick read with sympathetic characters.

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