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Keep on the Borderlands (Greyhawk Classics series)

By Ru Emerson

Keep on the Borderlands (Greyhawk Classics series)

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2013-07-20 06:40:51
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2013-07-24 23:01:23


Rating: 5

Starting with individuals escorting caravans or otherwise traveling to the titular keep in the wilds, they become an adventuring group tasked by the castle’s lord to track down the source of the bandits who attacked them. Meeting with success in that endeavor, their “reward” is to seek glory by finding the source of the infestation of monsters who are preventing travel along the eastern road. Based on the original Dungeons and Dragons adventure of the same name, this book manages to capture most of the feel of that original with some interesting characters and exciting adventures, though the ending leaves a little to be desired.

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