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Tears in Rain

By Rosa Montero

Tears in Rain

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Started reading:
2013-02-17 20:50:31
Finished reading:
2013-02-22 22:49:19


Rating: 5

In a dystopian future Madrid, there is an uneasy balance between humans, replicants, and aliens. A minority race, technohumans or replicants, have achieved a degree of freedom and their manufacture continues due to their inability to reproduce unassisted and despite their shortened lifespan, at the end of which all replicants succumb to “Total Techno Tumor” (or TTT). Bruna Husky is a combat replicant who works as a private investigator. She’s drawn into a vast conspiracy when her neighbor attempts to kill her and then kills herself after gouging out her eyes. A wave of anti-replicant sentiment seems to be carefully orchestrated with these attacks as part of a larger plan, but the motivations remain unclear. Though some of the translation from Spanish is a little stilted in places, the writing is a powerful examination of what it means to be human and addresses the disturbing idea that perhaps the non-humans among us may be the most human.

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