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WWW: Wake

By Robert J. Sawyer

WWW: Wake

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Started reading:
2009-06-29 10:06:41
Finished reading:
2009-07-02 14:40:53


Rating: 7

At times feeling like a blend of some of Cory Doctorow’s better work and Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age, this book is engagingly written and feels like a very probable near future. The characters are well-drawn and the various settings do a good job of capturing the events that drive the plot. I has something of the pop novel sensibilities of John Brunner with different stories that one expects will intersect at some point in the book. The ending is excellent, managing to conflate a huge number of ideas including what the world wide web means, the form a nascent AI might take, how we apprehend the world around us and the sense of wonder that is evoked when we see something for the first time (in more than one sense).

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