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Kill the Dead (Sandman Slim, book 2)

By Richard Kadrey

Kill the Dead (Sandman Slim, book 2)

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Started reading:
2010-12-13 06:56:08
Finished reading:
2010-12-14 09:00:48


Rating: 7

After returning from Hell and getting his revenge, Sandman Slim is at loose ends. Between assisting the Golden Vigil in tracking down (and killing) supernatural undesirables and agreeing to act as Lucifer’s bodyguard, his life still isn’t very satisfying. Perhaps saving the world is what’s called for. Though the politics of Heaven and Hell are handled fairly well, the angelic and demonic characters sometimes feel lacking in weight and depth (a problem that also crops up in vampire books with characters who are thousands of years old). In all, this is a respectable sequel with a fast-moving plot and some witty dialogue.

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