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Myst Reader, The

By Rand Miller, David Wingrove

Myst Reader, The

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Tags: adventure games, computer gaming, fantasy, fantasy game, game books, myst, riven, roleplaying, video game

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2009-09-03 18:58:13
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2009-09-22 10:11:21


Rating: 5

Three books in one volume: The Book of Atrus — The Book of Ti’ana — The Book of D’ni. The first book is about the early life of Atrus (who those familiar with the game Myst and it’s sequels will readily recognize). In it, we learn about his life with his grandmother Anna and how the arrival of his father Gehn changes his life. The second book is the story of Aitrus who, after his meeting with the outworlder Anna (dubbed Ti’ana by the D’ni), becomes swept up in a plot to destroy D’ni and its people. The final book picks up years after the first book as Atrus and Catherine attempt to rebuild D’ni and discover the ancient secrets of its origins. While some of the moralizing is a bit heavy-handed, reminiscent of certain of Orson Scott Card’s works, the fantastic worlds and Wingrove’s influence on the writing make for a pretty compelling story. The last book, in particular, paints a picture of a society with all the phantasmal grace of H.G. Wells’ time traveller’s time among the Eloi.

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