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Death and Resurrection

By R. A. MacAvoy

Death and Resurrection

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2012-01-24 06:55:45
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2012-01-26 08:15:45


Rating: 8

Artist Ewen Young has always had special gifts, but nothing like the abilities he gains after being shot in the heart, traveling to the Bardo realms and then returning to life. But this book, which is more a collection of four novellas, isn’t really about that. There’s some kung fu, both literary and literal, where the stories are really about people and their sometimes complex relationships with each other. The blend of eastern mysticism, Chinese and Tibetan, mixes very well with Native American beliefs, much like the relationship between Ewen and the veterinarian Susan Sundown of the Nez Perce tribe and her dog Rez (short for Resurrection). The four very different stories are excellently told and a must-read for fans of MacAvoy’s other work and likely to appeal to readers of C.E. Murphy’s Walker Papers series.

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