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Smoke in the Wind (Sister Fidelma Mysteries, book 11)

By Peter Tremayne

Smoke in the Wind (Sister Fidelma Mysteries, book 11)

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2013-06-05 06:48:02
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2013-06-08 12:36:53


Rating: 7

While en route to Canterbury, Brother Eadulf is injured when the ship he’s on encounters a sudden squall. He and Sister Fidelma are deposited in a port town in the kingdom of Dyfed, but before they have a chance to resume their mystery, the pair are asked for their assistance in investigating the mysterious disappearance of the residents of a local monastery. The strange disappearance may be related to the murder of a young woman in a nearby village, though it was take Sister Fidelma’s considerable expertise to find the connection and solve the mystery.

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